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Eco-Friendly Wedding Planning Ideas on Cape Cod

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Let’s take a moment…and maybe a deep breath too, to think about all of the decisions that need to be made when planning the wedding of your dreams. To start, we choose when we want to celebrate! Then we have researching and choosing a venue, creating a guest list, deciding on wedding party attendants,  booking the caterer, photographer, officiant, etc. We also have to find THE dress, choose the rings we will wear forever to show our love for one another while also deciding on the guest book, the place cards, the favors and the list goes on…Feeling excited but a little overwhelmed? That’s NORMAL, and do you want to know why? Because every one of the decisions you make when planning your dream wedding MATTERS.

Now here is a little twist. Have you thought about what all of those decisions could mean for our environment?  Before you think, ANOTHER item on my to-do list, I want you to think about how every decision, however big or small, matters. Don’t think planning a “green” wedding means it all has to be eco-friendly or nothing at all. Every decision you make throughout your wedding planning process makes a difference. Let’s do our best to protect Cape Cod and our beaches we all love so much!

Spreading the News
Announce your Save the Date through your wedding website! You can email your guests a link right to it and save paper. It is a fun way to keep your guests involved because you can continually update your website as your planning progresses. Then when the time comes to send your paper invitations, you can reduce the amount of paper you use because guests can visit your wedding website to RSVP and gather more of the specifics. Though you are reducing your paper consumption, try to take it one step further and buy invitations made from recycled or plantable paper.

Who Will Be There
Coming up with your guest list can be a very tricky part of the wedding planning process. Perhaps to help you, you should keep in mind that the size of your wedding affects the amount of resources you will be using. If there is no avoiding a long list, then try to be extra informed about the “green” decisions you can make during the planning process to help offset that.

The Location
Try to find one venue where everything can happen. By doing this you are reducing the pollution created by your guests travel. Not to mention, it will be easier for your guests to only have to find one venue and will eliminate transportation costs to get to a second location. Also think about your venue being somewhere you can eliminate waste and cut cost by using the natural beauty or d├ęcor within the space already. Spaces like this include beaches (which we are in no shortage of here on the Cape!), vineyards, botanical gardens, art galleries and museums. Consider a morning or afternoon wedding when you need less lighting to save electricity.

What to Wear
Most often, men will rent their tux for the big day and it will go on to be reused by another groom in the future, which is great! Brides most often buy a new dress that is worn once and then stored away in our closets or basements. If you make the decision to purchase a new gown, consider donating it after your big day. Bridal Garden will sell your gown and use the money to help children in need in New York City. Brides Across America gives gowns to our nation’s military brides as a way to honor our troops and thank them for their service. These are just a couple of great charities! If a brand new gown is not on your to-do list, some eco-friendly options are to wear a family member’s gown, check out vintage and consignment shops for used gowns, or buy a gown made from sustainable materials. When it comes to jewelry, you can save money and the environment by reusing antique or family heirloom pieces. Remember that alterations can be made to make it your own! If you choose to buy new,  purchase conflict-free diamonds or jewelry that is made from recycled materials.

The information I have shared with you really only scratches the surface of eco-friendly choices you can make when planning your wedding, which is exactly what I want you to know! There are MANY green choices available to you. Also, remember to ask the venues and vendors you are interested in what they do or what they could do to be more “green”. If they are not currently doing anything, they may think twice about making changes if people come asking!

by Guest Blogger Bridget Farry, Cape Cod Celebrations Eco-Friendly Specialist
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