Friday, May 29, 2015

To Tent or Not to Tent Your Wedding on Cape Cod

One of the best things about planning a wedding is putting together an event that really reflects you and your soon-to-be other half! A tented wedding can be the perfect way to show off your style and tailor the details of your big day to you and your beau. You may have your childhood home, the place you first met, or the place you used to summer vacation that stays with you both and you cannot think of another place that would have all the pieces you love and mean so much to you, let’s have a tented wedding!! We have put together a few tips to making sure that tent in the backyard is really the way to go.

1. Space-
Creating a venue for your guests can be a lot of fun and comfort is key. The bigger your guest list, the more space you will need. Don’t stop at just square footage but also consider the geography of your space. Is it flat? What’s underground? A tenting company can come to your site and give you an idea of what can be safely be done at your location.

2. Power-
Lights, band or DJ, cooking, restrooms, all of these items require a power source. If there is not power near your venue, generators are available through most tent companies but keep your budget in mind. Many weddings can be done on the power from a home or structure on property but, if it’s an older home or you have a 10 piece band, it may not be sufficient.

3. Restrooms-
Your wedding is a 5 or 6 hour event with the bar open and drinks flowing. If there is a house on site, it may be equipped for your event. Many times, you will have to bring facilities in.  We usually recommend portable bathrooms for parties over 50 people. Anyone remember, Meet the Parents?

4. Police-
Many towns and villages (on Cape Cod especially) have strict sound ordinances. Give your local police station a call and inquire about their sounds rules. Better to know that to get a visit on your wedding day! If you are near the water, you may also want to consider the town across the water from you. Sounds travels!

5. Neighbors-
No matter the time of day, those who live near you can also bring a halt to your event. Before you get too far into your wedding plans, check in with your neighbor. They’ll appreciate that you considered them!

6. Parking-
Some of the most beautiful locations are down tight roads or on highly populated streets. Whether you shuttle from a nearby location, or provide a valet, keep in mind roads should remain clear.  

7. Weather-
Whether you are having all of the parts of your wedding in the same location or just cocktail & reception, weather is a factor. Have a Plan B & sometimes even a Plan C for where your guests will go if it’s raining or windy. And rain isn’t the only things to consider, the heat and sun can affect your guests as well.

8. General Impact-
If you are using your neighbor’s or even a rental home’s manicured lawn, keep in mind there are tables, chairs, dance floor & tent being built on those beautiful grounds. They can have an impact. Always make sure the owners of your site understand the scope of your event.   

9. Budget-
Tented weddings can allow for incredible freedom in your wedding planning. You can get creative and really customize your wedding to your vision. While there may be ways to save by purchasing your own alcohol and creating your decor, etc., remember you are creating your venue from scratch. The cost can add up quickly if you haven’t created a budget for yourself.

10. Insurance-
A private, tented location can be very intimate and comfortable. You and your guests create some amazing memories in this relaxed, outdoor atmosphere. Lots of pieces go into making a great tented wedding, make sure you're covered for the unforeseen. Peace of mind is worth it!

-written by our Senior Planner Stephanie

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cape Cod Destination Management

Cape Cod Celebrations has added a new product to our line up!  We will are now offering destination management services to visitors on the Cape and islands!  With our extensive knowledge and resources, it only made sense for us to start assisting corporate clients, and even large families, in the design and implementation their events, activities, tours, transportation, program logistics and more. 

Our new destination management services will include, but will never be limited to:
  • Program design
  • Securing lodging
  • Suggesting and booking activities that suit the needs of the group (team building, ice breakers, tours, boating, etc.)
  • Recommending restaurants and securing reservations
  • Planning group meals or dine arounds
  • Negotiation of contracts
  • Detailed agenda and timeline
  • Scheduling appropriate transportation (to/from airport, activities, dinners, etc.)
  • Tracking billing, deposits and final payments
There are many benefits of working with Cape Cod Celebrations as a destination management company!  Just to name a few...

  • One contact to keep all the details in line and simple for clients
  • Knowledge of the finest local venues, caterers, transportation and other event services
  • On-going relationships with vendors to obtain the best quality, service and negotiations
  • Creative ideas for special events, teambuilding and more
  • Access to and experience with the new, exclusive and unique venues and restaurants
We are really excited to bring this new service to our team and are looking forward to working with a new clientele on the Cape and Islands.  We will also be bringing on a new planner to focus on destination management and will be announcing her name soon!

As always, thank you to everyone for their continued support of Cape Cod Celebrations!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Let's talk about getting married!

You are newly engaged! You have a new accessory that you cannot stop staring at. You’ve told your family, friends, Facebook… you are on cloud nine! This is one of the most exciting times of your life. You are taking the next steps with that person who’s the one. Now what’s on your checklist? First step, picking a date, booking your venue, then booking your wedding planner :)

Full steam ahead with wedding planning! It’s so easy to get lost in the whirlwind of the amazing experience of being engaged and planning what some consider the best day of their lives. We want it to be the best day of your lives but, take a beat. Take a breath. Remember that marriage is a commitment for hopefully the rest of your lives together.

While more and more weddings are non-traditional (not in a church), it’s easy to get swept up in the planning and skip a step that can solidify WHY you are getting married in the first place. Premarital counseling may seem like a thing of the past for many, but you are planning a huge life event, and we recommend at least having a conversation with your fiance about life and where it will take you. These questions may help you ease into the conversation...

  1. What does being married mean to us?
  2. Where are we going to live?
  3. Where do we spend holidays? Special Events?
  4. Are we having kids? How many? Who’s caring for them?
  5. Are we going to practice a religion or spirituality? Are we okay with having more than one religion?
  6. Career? Am I happy where I am or am I going to make a change?
  7. Finances? Prenuptial agreement? Savings?
  8. What do you want for your self 5, 10, 20 years down the line?
  9. What do we consider unfaithfulness?
  10. How do we handle arguments?

Take a weekend... Take a trip together... Have the conversation… Then back to the world of planning… We’ll see you there!

- written by our Senior Planner Stephanie

Friday, May 15, 2015

Cape Cod Wedding - The First Dance

Some couples look forward to it, and some couples just want it to be over, but the first dance is a really beautiful moment for the couple and for the guests at any wedding.  When it comes to planning your first dance we have a couple of recommendations to get it done and get it done right, even if you are deathly afraid of dancing in front of a crowd!

We normally recommend that the first dance is done right after cocktail hour once guests are seating in the tent.  If you choose to do introductions of your bridal party or just the bride and groom, right after that announcement is the perfect time to share your dance with everyone and then enjoy your dinner.  Some couples choose to save the first dance for after dinner, which is also acceptable.

Just because your first dance song is six minutes long doesn’t mean that the band or DJ has to play the whole song for you.  Talk with your band and/or DJ and let them know how long you want the song to be and when a good time would be to fade it out.  If you do want to dance to the whole song, think about inviting your bridal party or other guests to the dance floor half way through the song so that you don’t lose everyone’s attention.

Song Selection
When you start thinking about your first dance song, compile a list of songs that remind you of each other or songs that have really played a role in your relationship.  Then sit down and play all of the songs you came up with and do a “First Dance Test”.  If you can’t really dance to the song then it makes it easier to take that one off the list and move on to another one.  Now, not all dance songs have to be slow songs!  I have seen many couples dance to songs that are more upbeat like Hall and Oates “You Make My Dreams Come True”.

Dance Lessons
While I think dance lessons are a great idea for couples to get down the basics for their first dance, I am not an advocate for a choreographed first dance.  The main reason for this is that when you are sharing your first dance with your new spouse, you want to be focusing on him/her and the moment you are in, instead of thinking about the dance steps and what one you may forget.  If you want to do a fun, choreographed song, save it for later in the night and have it be a surprise with less pressure!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Cape Cod Wedding Favors

A lot of my clients get hung up on favor ideas, so I thought I would share with you some ideas that I typically share with my clients.  Now there are a ton more ideas out there that you can definitely consider, but the following suggestions are ones that I know have gone over well at weddings.

First, some basic favor requirements.
  1. The favor should be able to fit in a small purse.  Do not make your guests carry out large favors!
  2. I recommend that the favor be located at the table, in front of each guest so that they see it and do not forget to take it with them
  3. That being said, try to do one favor per person, not per couple
  4. Typical price range for favors is $3-$5

Make it Edible
Edible favors are my person favorite.  There are lots of ideas that you can do here locally or from your home town.  We have done a lot of chocolates from the Chatham Candy Manor or other local candy shops and we have also seen some really unique edible ideas from our client’s home town like maple syrup and hot sauce!  Another fun and popular edible idea is a candy station!  Let your guests choose from multiple candies - whether they are your favorites or just fit your color scheme, guests love filling their bags with candy!   With these edible options, your guests will either eat it there that night or will be so happy when they get home to snack on it before bed!

Photo By GH Kim Photography

Keep Their Beer Cold!
Koozies are also another very popular favor.  You can find all sorts of clever sayings on etsy or pinterest like - “To have and to hold and to keep your beer cold” or “Let Love Brew”.  If you’re not big beer drinkers or are going to be serving beers in pint glasses then I probably would not recommend this.  Typically these are handed out at the bar with beers and are also in a basket for guests to take them.

Photo by Lara Kimmerer

Double as the Escort Card
One great way to ensure your guests get their favor is to attach it to their escort card!  In order to find where they are seated they will have to pick up their name with their favor attached.  We have see these attached to compasses, starfish, jars of cape cod bath salts, keys and more!  

Photo by Emilie Inc

If a favor really isn’t your thing, then consider doing a donation of some sort to a cause that means a lot to you and your fiancee.  You may have had a friend or relative pass who you would like to honor with a donation.  I recommend putting this information on the menu or thank you card at the tables so that your guests know you made this donation on their behalf.  Another cool donation type favor I have seen was the replacement of their guest’s carbon footprint to get to their wedding, which was a really unique idea and also helps the planet!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Eloping on Cape Cod

If you are not the type of couple that is looking to have a huge wedding ceremony and celebration, but you love the look and feel of getting married on the beach, then Cape Cod can be the perfect place for your elopement!

Chris Cook Photography

I have worked with a handful of clients throughout the years who have wanted to have a smaller private ceremony with just the bride and groom and sometimes with just immediate family and there are a lot of perfect locations on Cape Cod to do such a thing.  

The ceremony is typically held on a beach on Cape Cod and there are so many to choose from!  For a small elopement for 2-10ppl I would say that a permit is really not required for a beach ceremony, especially if you are not using chairs or any decorations.  Other places we have seen elopement ceremonies are:
  • By the fireplace in Chatham Bars Inn’s South Lounge with a private dinner to follow in their restaurant STARS
  • In the backyard of a private home or rental property with a chef cooking a private meal after the ceremony
  • Boardwalk in Sandwich or Yarmouth Port

The clients that we have worked with in the past are usually looking for very nice, private dinner after they get married.  We recommend places all over the Cape, but here are some of our favorites for a nice dinner to celebrate together:

Most elopments do not need to hire many vendors for their ceremony, but most consider hiring the following vendors so that they can enjoy the day and capture beautiful memories.
  • Photographer - depending on the day of the week and time of day, most photographers will do an elopement package for you.  Just try to avoid Saturdays in the summer!
  • Florist - some of our clients wanted to carry a bouquet and have the groom wear a boutonniere so we recommended florists that could accommodate a small order.
  • Wedding Planner -  To find the most special locations on the Cape and to easily find vendors to help you, hiring a wedding planner will making the planning process easier and much less stressful!
  • Hair & Makeup - Even though it is a small event, what girl doesn’t like getting dolled up?!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Wedding Formalities - Cake Cut, Parent Dances, Toasts, and More!

Photo by Alanna Scully Photography

So I am a firm believer that every wedding is unique in its own way and that all couples can really make the day reflect their personalities, but there are certain formalities that every planner, venue manager or catering manager will ask about.  It doesn’t mean that you have to include it in your day, but these are the most typical things that we see at events and we won’t judge you if you want to remove it from your day or even add something else in that is more special to you and your family!

Once the guests have been seated there is usually some sort of formal introduction. This can be the entire bridal party including parents and grandparents, it could be just the bridal party or could even be just the bride and groom.  If you prefer not to be introduced that is fine too!  If you do choose to have an introduction, you will need to know how you would like to be introduced - Mr. & Mrs., by your first names, by your nicknames, whatever you choose!  Your band or DJ will be in touch with you about the specifics, have fun with it!

First Dance
After the introductions is typically when the bride and groom will have their first dance.  You may have taken dance lessons and this is your time to show off your moves, or you may hate dancing and will ask your bridal party and/or other couples to join you halfway through.  Whatever makes you comfortable!

There are many toasts that can take place on the wedding day from the host giving a welcome toast, to the maid of honor and/or best man and even the couple.  You will need to discuss with your family who would like to toast and when. Sometimes it is more appropriate for certain family members to toast at the rehearsal dinner instead of the actual wedding day.  On the day itself I recommend keeping it to 4 toasts or less - that would include a welcome toast (typically given by the father of the bride), the maid of honor toast, the best man toast and a thank you toast from the couple.

Cake Cut
As dinner is winding down the couple will typically cut the cake before the party really gets started.  This can be announced with a song and everyone’s attention on you or it can be what I call “stealth” where just the parents and the photographer/videographer are invited over to witness it.  Obviously others will see it happen as well, but it will not be made a spectacle.

Parent Dances
A great way to open up the dance floor after dinner is with the parent dances.  This is where the bride will dance with her dad and the groom will dance with his mom.  We do see a lot where just the bride will dance with her dad or where they will share one parent dance together.  Another fun idea is to invite other father/daughter or mother/son pairs that are there that night to join halfway through the dance.

Bouquet or Garter Toss
Although the bouquet toss and garter toss are not seen too much at weddings anymore I still wanted to include it.  This is totally up to you and is usually based on your crowd.  Do not do a bouquet toss if only 2 people there are single!  Maybe consider giving your bouquet to the couple there that has been married the longest or present it to a grandmother or your mother.